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Anxiety and Mood Disorders clinical trials at UCSD
1 research study open to eligible people

  • Compassion Meditation for Older Adults

    open to eligible people ages 55 years and up

    Many older Veterans in VA primary care clinics experience anxiety and depressive symptoms, but only a minority of these Veterans seek care through VA mental health services. Research suggests that some older Veterans with psychological distress under-utilize mental health services due to perceived stigma of treatments focused on mental health symptoms. However, prior research with civilians, including one study of Veterans with PTSD, suggests a strengths-focused intervention that provides group training in compassion meditation may be effective in reducing negative emotions and increasing positive emotions and well-being. The proposed project is designed to examine the feasibility of this approach with Veterans ages > 55 years with anxiety or depression. The information from the study will guide and support development of a larger-size, more definitive study, planned as the follow-up after this project. If successful, this line of research could open the door to a novel and effective treatment that widens acceptance by older Veterans with psychological distress.

    San Diego, California

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