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Determining acceptability and usability of a wearable open-source speech processing platform (Master Hearing Aid) developed for hearing-aid research


Part 1 Speech perception tests. You will hear words and sentences under a variety of listening conditions and be asked either to either repeat them or to select what you heard from a set of options. You will also answer a few questions about the speech and the background noise. The goal is to determine the ability of the most recent version of the device to deliver good quality speech that is comfortable and understandable over a range of conditions that are representative of everyday listening.

Part 2. Suitability and Acceptability. You will be asked to respond to a short structured interview about the device. If the device has reached a wearable stage, you will wear it outside the laboratory while engaging in discussion with one of the researchers before completing the interview. The goal is to obtain the opinions of persons with hearing loss about the device itself, and about their willingness to wear it as a hearing aid in their everyday life, if they were to be involved in a research study.

Part 3 is a focus-group session with about 10 hearing-aid users, some of whom will have participated in Parts 1 and 2. Topics will deal with hearing aids in general and about the current version of the experimental device. Discussion will be recorded for later transcription and analysis. The goal is to gain the perspective of hearing-aid users about hearing aids, hearing-aid research, and the acceptability of this experimental device for field research.


Hearing Loss, SensorineuralHearing aidHearing LossExploratory use


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Open to people ages 30-90

  • Sensorineural hearing loss

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  • Cognitively challenged
  • Legally blind


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