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Gender clinical trials at UCSD

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  • Progestin-only Contraception on Bleeding Patterns in Individuals Initiating GATT

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    Gender diverse individuals who use gender-affirming testosterone therapy (GATT) to reduce gender dysphoria may also use progestins for contraception and to manage or suppress uterine bleeding. Research is limited, however, regarding expected bleeding patterns for individuals who choose to initiate GATT concurrently with a progestin. Clinicians who prescribe GATT do not have sufficient data to adequately counsel patients on side effects of concurrent progestin use and therefore extrapolate from studies conducted in cisgender women. This study is a prospective cohort study evaluating bleeding patterns and satisfaction among patients initiating GATT with or without concurrent initiation of a progestin contraceptive. The results from this study will enable clinicians to more accurately counsel patients using GATT on how the use of a progestin might affect their bleeding and whether this differs by progestin method.

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