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Mild to Moderate TBI clinical trials at UCSD

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  • TTI-0102 for Veterans With TBI

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    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a signature wound of the recent wars. How chronic TBI symptoms develop after a mild brain injury is not fully understood, but it is now thought that injury results in damage that reduces brain energy production, increases inflammation, and results in a leaky blood-brain barrier. Difficulties in daily function may persist in areas such as thinking (e.g., attention, learning, memory, planning, and problem-solving), pain (e.g., headache) and behavior (e.g., sleep, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression). No medications for TBI have been developed, so evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation interventions such as Compensatory Cognitive Training (CCT) are the mainstay of treatment. The investigators are proposing to study a medication, TTI-0102, that shows anti-inflammatory activity, as a potential adjunct treatment with CCT for Veterans with TBI-related symptoms. The investigators plan to first determine the best dose of TTI-0102 to use, and then to conduct a pilot study to test the feasibility and acceptability of combining TTI-0102 with CCT in Veterans with mild to moderate TBI and PTSD.

    San Diego, California

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