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Pelvic Organ Prolapse clinical trials at UCSD
2 in progress, 0 open to eligible people

  • Anchor for Robotic Sacrocolpopexy

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    1. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of absorbable anchor compared to suturing for mesh attachment to vagina in robotic assisted sacrocolpopexy on the length of surgery for this portion of the procedure. 2. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: i. To assess intraoperative and ii. postoperative complication rates, iii. Intraoperative 10 cm visual analog scale (VAS), to subjectively assess surgeon satisfaction with the technique iv. post-operative Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantification (POPQ) evaluation for anatomic failure and v. a VAS of the vaginal walls overall appearance

    San Diego, California

  • Multi-center Study of Uphold LITE Versus Native Tissue for the Treatment of Women With Anterior/Apical Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    The purpose of this study is to compare transvaginal mesh repair to traditional native tissue repair in women surgically treated for anterior and/or apical pelvic organ prolapse.

    La Jolla, California and other locations

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