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Post-Traumatic Headache clinical trials at UCSD
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  • The Role of Osteopathic Manipulation in the the Management of Post-traumatic Migraine

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    This study evaluates the use of osteopathic manipulation (manual medicine) for migraine headache following traumatic head injury. Headache is an important and very common somatic complaint among people with traumatic brain injury and an important cause of disability in the United States. Over 15-percent of soldiers deployed to Iraq sustained concussion. A majority of these patients suffer from headaches. Many of these are classified as migraine headache that do not respond to medications. Osteopathic manipulation is practiced by physicians in the United States and has been shown to be beneficial in some migraine patients. However, its use in the management of persistent post-traumatic headaches has not been explored. The investigators will use a randomized cross-over design to evaluate post-traumatic migraine patients' response to osteopathic manipulation.

    La Jolla, California

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