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Urinary Tract Infection clinical trials at UCSD

4 in progress, 3 open to eligible people

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  • Antibiotic Prophylaxis With Routine Ureteral Stent Removal

    open to all eligible people

    This study will be a single-institutional randomized, single-blinded prospectively controlled clinical trial of a single dose of Ciprofloxicin 500mg antibiotic tablet as prophylaxis at the time of office flexible cystoscopy with ureteral stent removal. The control group will be no prophylaxis oral antibiotics.

    San Diego, California

  • Endourology Disease Group Excellence (EDGE) Consortium: Antibiotics (Abx) for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) Part 2

    open to all eligible people

    This study will be a multi-institutional randomized clinical trial of a short course of pre-operative antibiotic prophylaxis in addition to perioperative antibiotics prior to undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy. The select patient population will be those patients deemed to be at a moderately increased risk of postoperative infectious complications. These higher risk patients are those with indwelling urinary drainage tubes and those with a positive preoperative urine culture.

    San Diego, California

  • Asymptomatic Renal Calculi in Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    This study will assess patients who have recurrent urinary tract infections and kidney stones which are not blocking the kidney or causing other problems. Currently, we don't know if taking out these stones will improve recurrent urinary tract infections or not. Patients will make a decision with their surgeon about removing or monitoring their stone(s). Whether or not their infections continue with surgery or monitoring will be noted, and this information may help to inform future treatment decisions. The purpose of this study is to assess if treatment of these asymptomatic stones affects the rate of recurrent urinary tract infections.

    San Diego, California and other locations

  • Phage Therapy for Recurrent UTIs in Kidney Transplant Recipients

    Sorry, not yet accepting patients

    This proposal will take an important first step in the study of phage therapy for treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection (rUTI) in female kidney transplant recipients (KTR); a common condition that is associated with increasing multidrug resistance, sickness, loss of kidney function and death. The investigators will conduct a randomized phase I/II pilot clinical trial of targeted phage therapy versus placebo in asymptomatic female KTR with a history of rUTI due to Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae to assess safety, tolerability, and feasibility of this approach, possible efficacy, and changes in the gut and urinary microbiome during the 180 days of the study. This highly innovative and impactful proposal will provide proof of concept data and also inform the design of a subsequent larger phase III clinical trial of phage therapy for rUTI treatment in KTR and will have broad downstream effects within the fields of infectious diseases and transplantation.

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