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Weight Management clinical trials at UCSD
3 in progress, 2 open to new patients

  • The Impact of Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) in Improving the Health of Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    The investigators intend to measure the health impact of a dietary intervention known as time restricted feeding (TRF) on patients with metabolic syndrome (three or more of: increased waist circumference, abnormal cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure, or elevated blood sugar). The investigators will enroll patients with metabolic syndrome who eat for ≥ 14 hours per day and will ask participants to reduce daily oral intake to 10 hours per day. The investigators will assess the impact of this dietary change using measures obtained before and after a 12 week intervention period, including body mass index, blood pressure, various lab parameters and blood sugar levels (assessed using a continuous glucose monitor). The investigators will assess for compliance with TRF using a Smart Phone application (myCircadianClock (mCC) app).

    La Jolla, California

  • UCSD Get Fit, Be Fit Study

    open to eligible people ages 21 years and up

    The purpose of the Get Fit, Be Fit Study is to examine the effect of incorporating pistachios in an intensive 4-month cognitive-behavioral weight loss intervention in overweight and obese men and women, to examine effects on metabolic factors, and to monitor and examine changes in dietary intake and food choices during the intervention, in a randomized controlled study.

    La Jolla, California

  • An ACT-enhanced Weight Management and Fitness Program for Navy Personnel

    Sorry, not yet accepting patients

    The proposed study is a cohort-randomized controlled trial of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-enhanced ShipShape (ACT+SS) compared to the standard ShipShape-only program, for overweight or obese Navy personnel.

    San Diego, California and other locations